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With a long history in Australian music scene, and early pioneer of female musicianship within the mainstream music industry, Catherine McQuade has an incredibly diverse set of skills which she now focusses on composition and exquisitely tailored sonic arrangements.

Cathy's earliest days were as bass player in the iconic Melbourne art punk group, The Ears, who were the nihilistic band in the cult classic film, 'Dogs in Space', with a character playing Cathy.

She went on to become bass player with Deckchairs Overboard. DCOB worked with local producers Mark Opitz and Martin Armiger, recording several charting singles before working with Disco legend producers John Morales and Sergio Munzabai ( M & M productions) in New York on their self titled album.

Cathy worked during this time as a session vocalist, recording the voice for the character Christine, in the ABC series 'Sweet and Sour', as well as recording backing vocals with luminaries such as The Models and Jenny Morris. She also sang the opening track, 'Love is the Law' ( comp. Paul Kelly ), to the movie 'Midnight Spares'.

Most recently Catherine wrote the score for the 1⁄2 hour noir crime thriller 'The Widow'. Set in Melbourne in the 60's, the brief was to construct a distinctive set of sounds and two haunting themes to represent the ill fated lovers. To date the score has garnered five international awards, in LA, NY and Italy.

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